Friday, October 24, 2008

A Find to Share

I found some goodies at Jerry's Artarama on Tuesday. It's like a candy store but I was doing real good and only had 2 paint pens in my hand so I was sure to get out of there with less than $5 damage. Until I saw these.... DANGER! DANGER!
I asked if they were rub ons. "Yes' was the answer. I was in big trouble. The whole display consists of Japanese items for drawing comics. Easy enough for me to walk by. Some how these background sheets caught my eye. There are tons of designs.
Love the bubbles and the flowers but these were the ones I didn't bring home. I haven't gotten around to taking pics of the ones I did buy.
I haven't tried them out yet to see how they do work so perhaps I am jumping the gun. They are pricey at $8. 60 a pop. I made some photo copies of them to get more bang for my buck. The copy machine and I are good friends...... I have the option of re-sizing the images in addition to making transparencies. But I need to get the originals out of the package first.

That'll go on today's "To Do" list. It's my last day of Fall Break.

The Chicklet and I are taking Rosie Posies Button Class at Frenzy Stamper tonight. We're excited and I'm going to work on my button images today. Tonight is also the Chicklet's school Fall Festival. We'll be swinging back to this side of town and ending the evening at her school. I'll be helping man the sack race booth for awhile.

It'll be a busy weekend. The gal pals-about 23 of us, are heading up to Prescott tomorrow to spend the day together. I have today to figure out what I'll be working on and then packing it all up. I have 2 swaps I'm working on but both are at a messy stage. I think I'll save those for spreading out at home.

I'm hoping I get a chance to see some colorful Fall leaves tomorrow.

Ok, my coffee is getting cold. My email is down at home and I'm at the local watering hole indulging in coffee and a raspberry scone. Yum!

It's a beautiful day in the desert. Enjoy!


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