Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sleep Deprived

A weekend with the Gal Pals has left me a tad sleep deprived. I was willing to make dinner but the Chicklet wants to warm up a can of soup. No argument here!

Sleep, I crave sleep but it'll have to wait. Time to unpack supplies from the weekend, re-pack and gear up for my first Art Unraveled class.

The heat continues but Summer is just about over. No more swim lessons. No more swimming in the blue/orange water. The reflection of the brick building on the water in the later afternoon was a surreal experience of swimming in copper.

Reality trumps surrealism... as the Chicklet drinks from her bowl and soup runs down her chin!

That's all folks!

(A very tired) Marissa


  1. Pretty picture. Rest up, you know Art Unraveled is going to take it's toll on you. All of that creativity in one week!

  2. Your blog reminds me that I need to look around me more often. I used to do that a lot, but haven't recently. Thanks for that!

    I continue to look at clouds and see their beauty and then what forms and shapes that they take. I used to do that with my 2nd graders when I taught years ago. What fun they had! Thanks for reminding me to look around!