Sunday, August 17, 2008

Made some changes....

to my blog. Very minor, but changes, never-the-less.
There's been some discussion on the Art Unraveled message board about the difficulty in reading blogs with a black background. I have to admit that I need to make an appointment for new glasses. I look above or below my lens to thread needles and look at anything in detail. Oh, I am so not willing to admit that I need bifocals!
From various design classes, I did know that reading text on a black background is harder on the eyes BUT.......... I always place art work on black backgrounds so the colors pop and lesson distraction. I played around with some lighter colored backgrounds and I just saw blah and blah and blah. I didn't like the colors of my photos. I trying out grey and might go lighter later. The font is also bigger.

Got an opinion? I'd like to hear it.

Happy Sunday!

PS-Photos are from Downtown Phoenix


  1. First, about the bifocals. I got my first pair almost 5 years ago, and have gotten a stronger prescription every year since. The eye doc said that the eyes change a lot between 40 and 50 and then pretty much stay the same. I'm eagerly waiting for the "stay the same" part to start.

    I have no problems reading your blog.

    Black backgrounds can work very well on computer screens and TV sets. Something about how the light projects through the background makes it easier to read than a lighter background (and easier than reading a black background on paper that isn't illuminated). However, getting a good text choice is very important. You use a san serif font (no connecting strokes) which can be harder to read. San serif are best for headings. Your font size is good. You might try a font like Georgia or Trebuchet and see if people like that better. You might have to increase the font size to get the same size letter output. (Crazy how font size isn't consistent across fonts, eh?)

    Fonts and readability are part of what I deal with as a technical writer. If what I've written here isn't clear, drop me an email and I'll explain more.

  2. Thanks for the input, Charlene. I went ahead and changed the font. I'll give that a try for now.


  3. I have not had trouble reading your blog on the black background. If you changed it before I left this comment, then what you have done is just right. No problem! Charlene is right about the glasses. Between 40 and 50 my eyes changed. Have now had the same reading glasses prescription for several years -- no changes.

  4. I can read it just fine. Of course, that's with my READING glasses on! Isn't getting older so much fun!