Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Hit....

that wall of fatigue I'd anticipated a few days ago.
Teachers reported back to school today. My head has yet to go into work mode. The structure of meetings have begun. Yuck! My administrators are great, though. Get to the point, get it done, go off and do your work. Our staff meeting was done by 11am for Music, Art & PE. As is our custom, we took a quick lunch together. The 3 of us and our newbie PE teacher-fresh out of college and new to Arizona. Welcome!
Between straightening up my room and getting caught up with everyone's summer, my room is presentable for the district art teachers meeting in my room tomorrow. I avoided sitting down this afternoon. I was afraid the fatigue would wash right over me, so I kept moving.
Once home, I fed the dogs, got the Chicklet going on her homework and I camped out on my bed with my laptop, magazines with the TV in the background. It's going to be lights out very soon here.These images are from my wanderings downtown a few weeks ago.

Everyone asked how my summer break WAS. I answered that it wasn't over yet. I'm hoping it won't feel like it's over until the weather cools down. That's usually some time in October.
God Natt!


  1. I'm sure the adorable faces of your eager students will pull you back into the school mode quickly. You will be missed in Carol's class today! I'll look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

  2. Hi~
    I love your answer to the inevitable summer break question...It's not over yet! LOL Will have to use that one when I am asked that question in a couple of weeks. I have yet to go into school to set up my rooms. I can't put it off much longer so I'll spend some time there next week. YUCK
    I would love to share ideas that my students will be doing.
    You can email me at carolynk06@yahoo.com