Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In the Swim

Our schedule was thrown off a bit last week. The Chicklet started a new session of swim lessons a week ago Monday. Tuesday evening I was hearing news reports that all the City of Phoenix pools were closed due to an incident with a bug called Cryptosporidium. As a result of finding it in one pool on the other side of town all city pools were closed.

Sunnylope Pool was back in business over the weekend after a complete scrubbing and super cleaning. I drove by on Sunday afternoon and it didn't look as busy as usual.
Yesterday we returned to continue with swim lessons. The Chicklet was the only one that showed up for her lesson in her group. The pool attendance was noticeably way down. I asked her instructor about the class size. It turns out some people asked for refunds and others are on vacation. The rest are probably freaked out. For those that are-think about it, the pools are actually cleaner now than before. I can't believe they let this lady in!
I grew up 100 yards from the local park and swimming pool. My brother, sister and I spent
$1. 05 to go swimming every summer afternoon. Most weekends my family would head to the beach with a fresh watermelon and a bucket of KFC. My first job was Jr. Lifeguard, then I moved up to lifeguard, swim instructor and did that through college. I tell the Chicklet that I have a fin on my back and she's starting to grow one too!

On anothet note, a friend of mine told me about another good look out spot for views of the city which I hadn't considered before. North Mountain Preserve off of 7th Street and Peoria. I've gone hiking up there before but I hadn't realized you don't need to hike all the way up to the summit for a good view. Duh! We parked at one of the lots and got good views to the east and pretty good ones downtown.
Someone was getting wet in the East Valley. The news this morning said there was a micro burst with high winds, downed trees and no electricity. There wasn't a hint of that here.
Looking east from North Moutain. We could see lightning in the clouds.It finally happened. With only a left a left turn to make before turning onto our street, I stopped, mid street, and picked up the camera. Heard from the back seat,"Mom, do you have to take another picture? Can't we go home?"


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