Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday is Friday

Bloom Report for Monday, April 28th

It feels like Friday-we have tomorrow and Monday off. School was empty by 4pm. Sometimes the end of the day is the best. I can get my thoughts together especially on days like today with my crazy Thursday schedule.

The winds that have been kicking up all week died down today. Good thing. The kids get pumped up and trying to teach is bonkers. I am so ready for the long weekend.

The Chicklet has big plans for the weekend. She finishes her sewing lessons with her Brownie Troop tomorrow. We should have a new stuffed bunny joining us tomorrow night. Speaking of animals, she'll be hanging up with some on her Brownie overnighter at the zoo. She'll finish up the weekend with a splash-her Brownie Troop is moving up to Girl Scout at their swim party. Does that mean she doesn't wear brown anymore? It's not a good color on us.

The "hamsters" upstairs aren't that energized lately. Blogging is not flowing this week.

If you're not familiar with my love of color, here's a look at my inspiration collage for the beginning landscape class. The actual class is over but their are still plans to complete along with plant lists to compile and then scheduling a meeting with the class instructor for a one-on-one critique.
Paint chips to the left are the colors I'd like to paint the house. I'd love cobalt blue but it'd be too dark and absorb too much heat so choice #2 is a salmon/pink color. I promised the Chicklet we could paint the house pink. It beats lime green!The center row of houses are from the village of Tlacotalpan in Vera Cruz, Mexico. My cousin Chela thought I love to see the colorful houses. I wasn't disappointed. Five rolls of film worth of images have served as inspiration ever since.Carrie gave a lecture describing the 3 forms of sculpture creating by desert plants. Globular, fingers and fountain. Ocotillo falls under the "fountain" category. I was bummed to learn how hard it is to grow ocotillos. There's still tons of time before I can implement my plan. Plenty of time to do the homework.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy with color. I'll be taking a class with Kelly Kilmer at Frenzy Stamper. Kelly is teaching 5 classes this weekend. Sign up! She's a great teacher and her classes are full of fun and energy.


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  1. Hi Marissa! It was fun making art with you today at Frenzy! I love your blog! Just stopped to leave a quick comment, now off to look at more of your gorgeous pictures!!