Sunday, March 23, 2008


Can you spell procrastination? It's another beautiful day. Too beautiful to stay in the house with grades and book reports. The Chicklet and I spent the afternoon at the Phoenix Art Museum. It's the first time I've been there since the new renovation. The fountain at the front entrance was a hit with the Chicklet!

My buddy, "Ponder," a found object, horse sculpture by Deborah Butterfield is back in the museum foyer. They put him/it away during one of those blockbuster exhibitions and it didn't find a new home until the new additions were done. I've had the pleasure of seeing more of Butterfield's work at the ASU Art Museum and the UCLA Sculpture Garden.

Our "adventures" at the museum will have to wait until another post. The Chicklet's making a lot more progress on her her book report than I am with my grades.


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  1. I have a fond memory of my son Matt (the family artist ;-) viewing that sculpture horse for the first time and making "ohhhh ohhhh" just communicated to him!