Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here We Go!

Ok, folks! Here it is, my first blog post. What's the first post supposed to be about anyway? I figure if you're reading this, you already know me. If there are some holes that need to be filled, post a comment and let me know. I do need to keep some air of mystery, though. Got to keep you coming back for more, true?

Why a blog? I've spent years writing in a journal. It's a private and isolated pursuit but as necessary as breathing for me. I feel the same way about creating. The ideas and feedback shared and received among other like minded people is amazing. Sharing my art work is my main goal but keeping up the artmaking part is equal. I have a head full of ideas, (not to mention ALL the materials), but not enough hours in a day. I hope to post what I'm working on at least once a week. (That buys me some time to figure out how to post pictures, right)?

In addition to art friends, I hope that friends and family will take a peek now and again. I have a tendency to make a beeline to my studio at the end of the day and hole up until bedtime. After a day of being around hundreds of students and their teachers, the quiet time is bliss!

OK, enough of an intro! I've been toying with the idea of a blog but I really got into gear when a blogging class taught by Michael Putman, was offered at Mystic Paper. The class first met as a group and then each of us met with Michael to work on our banners and go through any technical questions. Michael and I met today. He used images of my work for the banners and my profile pic and I am thrilled. With that done, the posting begins!

Of course, once on the east side of town, my sidekick, the Chicklet-shes' the one on the blog banner, and I, had to do some running around before coming home. We made our way to Scrapbooks Etc. before heading north to Frenzy Stamper. One rubber stamp and a bunch of Hambly Studios transparencies later, the chicklet and I finally headed in the direction of home. A quick stop at Arizona Falls to watch and listen to the water and we're back at the ranch. We're pooped!

Tomorrow is the last day of Spring Break and I have mountains of artwork to go through to complete student grades. Happy Sunday everyone!



  1. Good first blog! Love the banner on the black background!! Just pops!! Isn't Mike the greatest?? I have added your blog to my links list on my blog. Perhaps you will get more traffic.

  2. Hey, M! I have bookmarked your blog so I can keep up with you! Post more artwork! LOL

  3. So excited that you are blogging. Just got into blogs recently. If you want a cool art blog from my favorite Hawaiian photographer go to and click on Racheal's blog. She runs the art gallery and her's is the first blog I have gotten into. Since I love Hawaii almost as much as California, it has been the most fun and cool experience. Who would have thought that I, the ultimate non-artist and non-romantic would now be into two art blogs! And what an added treat that my one of my oldest and dearest frinds has her own blog. I look forward to keeping in touch even more! Love you.

  4. Fantastic first blog! It was great to work with you the other day! Looking good!