Thursday, July 31, 2014

Get Out and Take It In

This week on Art Teacher Tuesday... Yes, I know it's Thursday, can you tell back-to-school craziness has set in?
For those months with a 5th Tuesday, my Partner In Crime at HandsHeadnHeart, and I are spotlighting art exhibits and/or teacher resources.
We teach art, we show our students art but do we go out and look at art ourselves?
 There are two group shows currently on view in downtown Phoenix that I'm excited to share. These shows are special to me because I'm exhibiting my work for the first time in 12 years. My daughter, The Chick, is exhibiting for the very first time!
First up, the "Expressively Frida" exhibit at the Burton Barr Public Library. This is a juried exhibit organized by the Phoenix Fridas artist cooperative. Artists were invited to submit work inspired by Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. The selected pieces hang among the work of the 10 Phoenix Frida artists.
The work varies between pieces recognizable from Frida Kahlo's works to art works inspired by Frida's story, her imagery and/or her image.
Kyllan Maney
 Cory Celaya
 Carmen Guerrero
 Emily Costello, detail
My piece, "Frida and the Blooming Watermelons," detail.
It's hard to miss Green Haus on Roosevelt Row. Besides the green painted building, there's three of these beautiful birds painted the height of the exterior of the building.
Currently on view is an exhibit titled "Generations." It pairs artists with their artistic offspring.
Artists, Bill Hemphill, his son, and his father.
Kori Miraglia
Kyllan Maney
Collaborative piece by Kyllan Maney and her daughter.
Mine above, "Night Blooming Cereus," The Chick's photograph below. The pieces are beautiful but my photos don't do them justice. Can a poster make you cry? Does a picture in a book make your jaw drop? Go see and experience art in person!
Both exhibits are hosting closing receptions during Phoenix First Friday, August 1st.
What kind of art events are there in your community?

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