Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Life of an Introvert

Not everyone gets it. It's Saturday night, our staff is having a get together this evening but I'm home,  with the fur babies, content as can be. Don't get me wrong, I love my co-workers. They are my family here in Arizona but I'm loving being home.
Earlier today I felt stranded. My wings were clipped when the clutch went out on my car on the way to work yesterday. It was being repaired at the mechanics until today. My friend gave me a ride to get the car. We had a nice girls lunch out. An unusual treat for us on a weekend.

Happily behind the wheel of my car, I got my weekend back into some semblance of order. Art supplies, grocery shopping, a failed attempt to get the car emissions tested... 

Already at the grocery store, I made the decision to stay in tonight. Once I left without buying the goodies to make salsa, it was written in stone.

The work week was crazy. I tried out a brand new lesson and new technique for the first time. My formal evaluation happened in the middle of the mayhem. Eighteen years of teaching but it was still nerve wracking to be under the magnifying glass.

Then there's the Chick. The teenager in the house. The drive home from work is my opportunity to strategize maneuvering life with a teenager. This weekend she's with her father and I have the house all to myself. Imagine the peace!
The laundry's been done. The dishes are drying. Friea, Maica and I have had at least two rounds of belly rubs and flying fur. We'll have round 3 after getting my supplies ready for mural painting tomorrow. It's a good Saturday night at our house.


  1. Sounds like you're finding your stride- even in the new blog look! Missed reading your posts, glad you're back.

  2. Nothing wrong with that! I love a good night in :) Sounds like you enjoyed!