Saturday, March 9, 2013

2013 Ceramics Studio Tour 1

Having seen a piece in the ASU Art museum store that I really liked, the name of the artist, Sandra Blain, seemed familiar but I couldn't place it. She was on the ceramics studio tour and I was already in Tempe so of course it would be my next stop.
The timing was good, artist Barbara Baskerville was giving a demonstration. Texture and pattern were key to her mark making. Ooooooooohhhh, my faves....
Here's a taste of the various types of pieces she had for sale.
Some of the tools for her mark making. Junk to some, gold to me me :)

I left with my head swimming with ideas. I was also going to return the next day with my partner in crime. We had set aside Sunday for touring studios but I'd jumped the gun.
We arrived in time for a demonstration by artist, Sandra Blain. She started with a clay slab and created a beautifully textured and patterned mug. We picked up a few tips along the way. 
As we wandered, we glimpsed a variety of pieces such as soap dishes.
 Just as exciting as seeing the work up close, was looking at the tools that were used to create the distinct patterns.
It never dawned on me to create my own mark making tools. Boy, were the ideas flying.
 On our way out, one last piece to admire.
 I couldn't wait to get back to my classroom to make some new tools of my own!
There's nothing like some art for inspiration.
 Oh, and how was it that Sandra Blain's name seemed familiar? She's close friends with my grad school committee chair from my ASU days. Chalk it up to one of those "small world" moments.


  1. Amazing creations! I look forward to seeing what you are able to create, too! Love that beautiful flower pot.

  2. My 5th graders just completed projects inspired from last years' tour. I've been playing with classroom discards to created some mark making tools of my own.

  3. I love how she incorporated them as flower pots. the teapot is by far my favorite. How cute and chic.

  4. I also love the teapot and the originality. Can't wait to see your creations. BB2U

  5. awesome! i took a ceramics class in the fall and made so many little sushi plates that i loooooove using :) #llblog

  6. Her tools were so crazy looking but made beautiful art!