Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amor x 13

 I got a chubster for Valentine's Day. This chunky monkey kept me busy for a good bit.
 I took Jane Eileen's "Ten of Hearts" class last Saturday. Each class participant was to bring 10 Artist Trading Cards, five each of two designs.
 Some of us had a few extras and the trading was fierce! My ten of hearts became thirteen...
 While everyone started out with the same materials, the ATCs, laces, fabrics, etc., No two books looked alike.
 The needles and embroidery floss came out. French knots, everyone?
 My heart in hand card went on the cover. My love bird went in the center page. Love Ms. Jane's sewn, painted paper!
 Fabric and glitter...
 The Debbies...
The back cover... The book got so thick, I had to hunt down some lace to sew onto the covers. Lace as cover up? Worked for me!


  1. this is beautiful!!! love, love, love!!! the lace adds a beautiful touch to the book Marissa!!

  2. I loved it !! super original !

  3. Love the creations you came up with! They are perfect for displaying.

  4. I love what you came up with for Valentines! I'm gong to show my teen. She would love to make something like that as well.

  5. What a cool idea! We did something similar with all of the wedding cards we received and have it on our coffee table now!

    The Accidental Mrs.

  6. What a wonderful way to keep cards! You really should start showing us how to do all this in a video... BB2U