Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer break is OVER!

It's THAT time of year. The time of year when the new school year is starting and we wonder what's happened to the last 8 weeks.
Although summer break comes to an end on Wed. It's still full on summer here in the Sonoran desert. It's monsoon season! The weather gets humid and the wind and rain, (if we're lucky), rolls in in the afternoon.
No rain today but we had some the last two days. I haven't had the opportunity to leave the desert this summer. I've had plenty of quality time with this one:
Canine Delinquent Freia
...and this one: Canine Delinquent Maica
Look at those ears. They must have thought they were in trouble...again!
 These are more reflective of their day-to-day looks. Freia camouflaged on the caramel colored floor.
 Maica conked out and dreaming of breaking into the refrigerator.

While this summer lacked outbound excursions, I concentrated on some archeological digs at home. The Chicklet's room was unearthed down to the carpet. I dove into paper piles in the studio. It was the start I needed to get some order back into our home. There is still lots to go through but the worst part, getting the momentum going has been accomplished.

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