Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So What's All the Fuss About?

 Spring time. Here's where you'll find me. It's bliss with color and texture that fills my soul. Corny perhaps but you got to get your bliss from somewhere...
 The sky looked pretty dark and ominous on the drive home from work tonight. We had a monsoon type storm but it's not monsoon season. My plants got to quench their thirst but I'm sure the commuters don't appreciate the timing. Wow, is it blowing out there. Lawn furniture has been blown over...
Sunnier days brought delightful gifts. The Chicklet and I spread wildflower seeds last fall. I had no idea what would bloom, when or what color. Purple poppies!


Frilly and pink.
 Then the petals fell. My neighbor saw someone walk by and start helping themselves by pulling my poppies out by the roots. Huh? That's not nice. 
Mexican Poppies. I was hoping for a blanket of them rather than the island that grew. The seeds have been collected for next fall. In the meantime, I collected some petals and have pressed them.
 Our Palo Verde in full bloom. It's left a carpet of yellow throughout the garden.
The barrel cacti have their own crown of blooms.
 I really get a thrill coming home to this.
Have I shared these yet? I finally put the clay beads/disks together to make these totems/sculptures. turns out I had enough pieces to create 5 of them. Two were given as gifts to my sisters for the holidays. I'll make more and make some changes after learning a few things.
 Game time! Can you name this tree? It's more for show than shade. The bark of this Palo Brea is like paper.
Palo Brea in bloom. Fuzz balls everywhere. That's why I spend more time in the yard than in the studio in the spring. So much to tend to.

The Chicklet needs tending to at the moment. Amazing how "squawky" a 13 year old can get. Was hoping for the winds to die down before I had to take her to a friend's house. She won't let up.

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