Sunday, May 27, 2012

Postcard Swap

 I have a long list of blogs that I follow. It's hard to keep up with some of them but my timing was on target when I was able to join this post card swap this past spring.
Participants were to make 10 postcards and mail them to the addresses provided by the swap hostess.
The cards were made in March and the instructions were to send them out by the end of the month.
Desert spring was on my mind so I decided to dig out my green scraps that included magazine clippings, museum announcements and scrapbook papers. The desert flora and fauna have been collected from some of my favorites: Phoenix magazine, Phoenix Home and Garden, and publications from the Desert Botanical Garden.
The sewing machine was humming! These are the first of 15 cards made. I'll share the rest of my cards and the cards I received throughout this week.

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  1. Marissa, they are very beautiful your cards. Glad you feel like sharing them! Sorry to hear about your hand surgery, these things happen, so glad you're "back" and hopefully will have a creative summer!