Saturday, February 25, 2012

Look Out

 Scottsdale Public Art through the city of Scottsdale, Arizona is sponsoring 100+ Journals.
100 art journals are floating around the metro Phoenix area giving the recipients of the journal an opportunity to contribute their art. These are a few of my pages I've documented. My "Look Out" page was inspired by the "SEE" on the facing page. I'd been wanting to make a page using only eyes.
 The song "Stuck in the Middle With You" from the 70s got stuck in my head. I found the center of the book for this painting. My hand, my ocotillo plant. A little love/hate going on there...
 Red... I enjoy working monochromatically.
Yellow... I used the child drawing of the flower on the facing page to guide me. I originally planned to add another layer then this looked finished.
More pages to come later.


  1. Love the monochromatic...I've never tried that. Thanks for the inspiration.