Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cigar Box Swap

One of our local scrapbook stores, Scrapbook Etc., in Mesa, sponsored some swaps over the summer. I signed up for two cigar box swaps. One swap required the box be decorated with scrap papers and the other with fabrics.

Above is my paper covered box. The box was painted first. The paper was stamped on.Each butterfly was decorated with Stickles, glitter glue. The antennae were made with coiled wire. Wood spools were painted and covered with paper and attached.The interior. I used a border punch to create the green trim between the box and the lid. Everything moved well as I was working and gluing. Once everything dried, I had difficulty closing the box. It never occurred to me to use hinges... I loved my box but next time, I have to use hinges!My fabric box. The exterior is pieced, sewn and covered with fabric. My first idea was to use these feet on my box. Turns out they were pretty popular and found on a lot of the swapped boxes.The lid cover was randomly topstitched. It was also quilted so pins could be stuck in it. I swayed back and forth between attaching a silk flower on top or not. I decided against it in order to not cover the fabric and stitching. Still looks a little on the plain side. Of course someone else might think all the bright colors were plenty.

Part of the requirements for the swaps were to use materials purchased at the store, make something handmade to give to our swap recipient and to add at least 20$ worth of goodies in our boxes.In return.... Here's the paper altered box I received. Lots of little things that move. The papers were beautifully coordinated. Vintage was popular. I guess it's come back. Tim Holtz product is all over these two boxes. I thought they might be made by the same person but they're not.The fabric box I received. It was full of sewing notions and lots of colorful add ons.A glammed up glitter girl. It's interesting to see how everyone can use similar material with such varied results.The goodies! I think that little black dress form is a weight. I've never seen one and I love it!It might be hard to tell what this is but it's a pocket apron. I've already used it at work a couple of times. I saw one of these in the store. They're made with two fat quarters. So cool!

This was my first time participating in swaps sponsored by this store. Everyone went over the top with their boxes, trades and presentation. I have my work cut out for me for the next one. I went online and took a look at the swaps for this quarter. Being that we're headed towards the holidays, some of the swaps are Christmas themed. Hmmmm... Going to take a second look and see what calls me.


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  1. Very creative work - both in the building and receiving. I might be interested in the next round - let me know details...
    Made it to MIM today but my camera battery went dead after only 10 pix so will have to do again next month. Bank of America card holders get in free the first weekend of each month now thru Dec!