Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Am Not a Foodie

Today's theme is "All Things Food." Food to appease the appetite, food as inspiration...Let's start with Homegirl Cafe. I've been reading about this inner city project and it was high on the list of places to check out. Homegirl Cafe is an off shoot of Homeboy Industries. The organization was developed to give gang members and at risk youth the opportunity to learn skills in the food industry. What a fantastic endeavor!The Chicklet started out with Mexican hot chocolate. It tasted exactly as I remember it. I tried the mint lemonade. I was floored. I loved it! Although, having one meal there wasn't a huge contribution, I think it was a good opportunity to show the Chicklet a bit about some of life's realities outside our little cocoon.

Hmmm... Now everything else seems a little frivolous in comparison but onward and forward.Andy Warhol... His Campbell Soup Can paintings were on display at MOCA on Grand Ave. I've only been there once before, (parking is impossible), but we took the downtown shuttle from the Geffen Contemporary. Now that I know that trick, I recommend it highly!

After seeing soup can after soup can over the years, I had no idea there was a set of 26 and they were all together on display. Wow!Soup for lunch, cereal for breakfast. More Warhol's. I'd never seen these before. There was a whole long gallery space devoted to lots and lots of Corn Flakes at LACMA.How about some dessert? Chocolate with sprinkles at the MOCA museum store.Our arrival in LA coincided with the gathering of some high school friends. We got into town arounf dinner time so we joined them. The Chicklet wasn't too excited to be surrounded by a bunch of adults but the making of the meal captured her attention.The flaming onion was a big hit with everyone. I also caught the piece of tossed chicken with my mouth. Extra prawns for us! I saw the Chicklet eat squash without protest.From new adventures to the familiar. King Taco, 3rd Street and Ford in East LA. After a day of visual delights, I wanted to treat the Chicklet to one of our old family haunts. I found the restaurant without a hitch but boy, had the scenery changed. There's a Metro stop right in front now. New to me, same old, same old to everyone else. Twenty one years in Phoenix makes my home town home but a different planet too.One last culinary adventure. Go here, no there...I mean this place, Shield's.Home of the Date Shake. A friend of mine mentioned this to me and it sounded familiar. Turns out I've been driving by this place for years because it's right done the street from my Dad's. Oh, and you can get a whole education on the sex life of dates while you're there too.Since I'm coming to an end on a sweet note, the sweetest of them all. Wayne Thiebaud's Ice Cream Cones at the Phoenix Art Museum. I get to visit these any time. Sweet!

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