Friday, July 1, 2011

Garden Variety

We're coming up upon the second anniversary of the garden re-do. I thought I'd share some pics of the front yard. I must say, it's come along after the horrible freeze that left me wondering if everything was going to have to be replaced.Our view as we drive up to the house.
Every flowering plant is a yellow, red or orange color of some sort. Lantanas.The one pink. The bouganvillea like the one at my parent's house. If any of you are in my home town and go by there, could you tell me if it's still there. I've heard the new owners have made some changes. Lantana and Palo Verde tree.Mexican Bird of Paradise and Century Agave. I was trying to capture the layers of color and texture of the plants. I found another 5 agave pups sprouting. Let me know if you're local and want one/some. They're free to a good home.Mexican Bird of Paradise and Popcorn plant.
Desert Marigolds, agaves and Lantana. It took several attempts to have any success with the fickle, native Desert Marigolds in the garden. Some of them had to get replaced a couple of times. Once some bloomed you could say I "bombed" the garden with the dead heads. They sprouted eveywhere. These agaves have been dwarfed but they're hardy and I'll pull some of the marigolds from this corner at some point. I'm contemplating "bombing" the neighbor with the dirt yard...I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I pulled some spearmint and am drying it. The herbs are growing like crazy!We were so excited when we saw pink!The pink was "allowed" as long as it contrasted against the blue wall. The blue has faded in the desert sun but it's still super vibrant. Just the way I like it.Imagine these as foot tall sticks. That how the Orange Bell started out the spring once they got their winter death trim. They've shot up and almost obliterated the illegal, butt ugly fence next store.
I absolutely love this! A recipe called for green onions. Went out into the backyard planter and pulled some. Cashew Chicken for dinner last night.
Thanks for visiting our little casita. ¡Hasta luego!

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  1. always up for agave pups & more marigold seed - the seeds I scattered didn't take & with a slim chance of moisture in the forecast, I'd like to try again - let me know when you'll be around. Also scored some desert milkweed seed pods from Petsmart parking lot just this a.m. so can bring some of that around if you're interested...