Monday, June 6, 2011

Madres, Madonnas, Mujeres

Social networking has been tremendously helpful in getting me back in touch with the Phoenix art scene. I lost touch with all the happenings over time. Now I hear about events ahead of time rather than after the fact."Madres, Madonnas, Mujeres," (Mothers, Madonnas, Women), is on display until June 10th at ALAC in downtown Phoenix. The portrait above of Tejano singer, Selena is an eye catching piece by Veronica Verdugo-Lomeli.

It was our first visit to ALAC and I made a point to make sure to take the Chicklet. Not only is this art but it's art by Latinas. I want the Chicklet to be exposed to all sides of her heritage.Strong, bold women. I grew up surrounded by my tias. As an adult, looking back I can see their flaws, their frailties. As a child, they were strong, wise, enterprising women in my eyes. They're all gone now but I am still in awe of them. I was drawn to these vibrant flower paintings by Pamela Carvajal Drapala. Wow! Looking at them again, I realize they remind me of Huicol yarn paintings.My birthday is coming up. I'll be happy to accept this Sunflower as a gift, lol.
Or this oil painting by Sandra Gonzalez. You still have a couple of days before the exhibit ends. Head over to see these for yourself.

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  1. those are beautiful!! You go to the coolest places