Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashion Independent

There's a slew of art exhibits going on right now that I'm trying to get to. Last Sunday, I got off my butt and made my way to the Phoenix Art Museum. Oh yes, I mentioned meeting that wild and crazy guy...

I was floored by the clothing exhibited in "Fashion Independent." I was in the same room with haute couture gowns and outfits. Amazing!!!

The unique thing about this exhibit was there was some explanation and even some photos of the inside of the garments. Their structure and subtle additions giving the garments an edge.

The show ends tomorrow. If you love fashion, go see it!Theater de la Mode is also at PAM. Another drool inspiring exhibition of designer haute couture. Good thing the alarm rings if you get too close. These gowns were made in miniature and made to travel throughout the United States shortly after WWII. The detail in these smaller gowns is incredible.
Photography isn't allowed so I attempted to do them justice with a few sketches in my journal. I walked out of there filled to the brim from the inspiration. Frijoles and art do much to fill my soul...A little love does too. Our courtship continues.I introduced him to the Chicklet. She thinks I'm crazy... Love does that to you...


  1. Bummer - I waited too long. Meant to see it but doubt I get there tomorrow...

  2. That's one thing nice about living in a big city, there are lots of good exhibits, etc. Not so much down here in the Southern part of AZ. I hope you have a great weekend and, hurray, school is out.