Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Chicklet and the Sea

The Chicklet and I are back from a few days in California. It's my first time running around Los Angeles in about 4 years. Sadly, this trip home was brought on by a death in the family. A cousin, much younger than me, passed away unexpectedly. It was a time for family gatherings, sadness, reconnecting and celebrations.

It'd been raining for days in LA when we arrived but we had a few days of clear weather. Regardless of the temperature, a trip to the beach is always at the top of our list.We arrived in the afternoon right before sunset. I had thought about visiting one of the piers but the Chicklet wanted to touch ocean water. Yes, we've been living in the desert too long. So down to the beach we went.There were a lot of birds on the shore. More of a variety than I remembered.There's nothing like the sounds, smells and sights of the sea. Until next time...


  1. Beautiful pix - sorry to hear of the circumstances of your visit home...

  2. Å, havet, så fantastisk og trollbindende. Trist at det var sorg som fikk dere dit. Stor klem!