Friday, March 5, 2010


I visited my favorite Aloe some weeks back. I have my own baby Mountain Aloe but it will be some time before I get these kind of blooms.
After a visit from Ray, the designer man, it looks like we'll be replacing some plants that didn't weather well and I'll be adding some of these aloes to the garden.I was photographing these blooming aloes and a little visitor came into view as I was looking through the lens. What a treat.

I was having a hard time about a week ago. I was weary of the upcoming weekend I came to realize. For someone who is used to being alone, it didn't dawn on me that I was worried about being on my own all weekend. Having had someone in my life for the last 6 mos. my free weekends were reserved for "us" time. Now it's back to being my time. Amazing how we can get used to having someone around in such a short span of time.Gosh, I love these agave plants. I love these, spiky, prickly, thorny plants. Are they symbolic in some way? Thorny, prickly warnings to stay away? I'm trying not to let the walls come back up, really trying.This little birdie was way up in a cactus, keeping house. I'll be on Spring Break next week. I hope to experience some more signs of Spring then.


  1. Concentrate on the little birdie coming into view--
    Not the thorns on the cactus--
    There could be another sweet human birdie right around the next plant, just waiting to fly on over!
    In the meantime, enjoy the free, no commitments to get in the way, ART time!

  2. Oh, and grow some of those aloe plants - amazing! :)

  3. As you can see I am catching up on some lost Marissa blog time! I have missed reading it! My fault. So fun to see what you are up to!