Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Break

After being out 3 days last week the end of the school week wasn't as momentous as usual. Plus I was so behind, it wasn't easy to get into the holiday groove. Hanukkah is over and the only present that received a lukewarm response, the fleece, pajama pants, are being constantly worn. The Chicklet thanked me for them yesterday. She figured out how comfy they are.

We're off to school at some point today. We bought some flannel fabric and a pattern for pajamas. We have plenty of room to spread out in the classroom. I'm hoping I can spread out and get some painting on canvas done too. I'm starting my pages for the 2009 Art Unraveled Technique Chunky Book Swap. That's a mouthful!

Speaking of mouthful. We had a visit to the orthodontist yesterday. The Chicklet had some springs added to her braces. Yeah, "springs." Poor kid, she was OK, most of the day but the pain started in the middle of the night. She's on a liquid diet for the time being.



  1. when I had braces, my pafrents scheduled the appt before noon, then took me out to eat lunch, since I would be in pain by dinner time and NOT get to chew ANYTHING. I loved having lunch alone with Mom or Dad .... with 4 kids, this was a real treat and it made having a liquid diet at dinner just fine. And I could take meds before bedtime. Worked well for us!!


  2. Sounds like our plan!
    Oh and I haven't really noticed your beautiful teeth before. Must have gotten distracted looking elsewhere....