Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting Domestic

Fall break is at an end and I've spent little time at home this whole week. Swam 5 days in the last 6 days. Been to the Botanical Garden 3 times between Girl Scouts, an afternoon walk with a friend and visiting the Pumpkin Patch. Had lunch with the Gal Pals. Took the Chicklet to the State Fair-a first for both of us. What a blast! Taught the Arizona Journal class yesterday at Frenzy, (and put another 2 on the calendar).

I woke up with a list of what I want to do today going thru my head. It's a looooooooong list and so far, I'm up and the Girls had breakfast. I'm moving s-l-o-w-l-y. Aw well, been moving fast all week. Got my NFL buddies, chatting in the background. I'm sitting at the kitchen table in my robe and jammies debating whether to make coffee or not.

Courtesy of the lovely ladies, I'm started to get shag carpeting. I don't think of Maica as a blond but there are light hairs everywear! Now I remember why I always have had dark haired dogs. Oh, but she is such a super crack up. Just looking at her face makes me laugh.

Looks like I have a date with the vacuum. While I'm at it, it's really a good idea to tackle the disarray in the kitchen. Looks like I'm going to put on some sweats and get domestic.

Maybe, maybe.....I'll finish in time to get cleaned up and make a little trek to the Phoenix Art Museum in the afternoon. I want to see the other part of the botanical illustration exhibition. One part is at the Desert Botanical garden and the other at PAM. Beautiful, inspiring work. I drew my breath in at the sight of the pictures hanging at the garden. But the of course, I'm a sucker for beautiful botanicals.

Happy Sunday! Vacuum cleaner, here I come!!!!!!!!

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