Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ga Ga for Agaves

Here's a few more agave plants we looked at yesterday. Who knew there were so many?!
If you look closely, they're similar but not the same.
I think this one is one of the ones going in my garden. Between Ray, the Designer Man and I, it's going to fill up. I get these crazy ideas for garden art while I drive. I need to stop driving....

I'm going to go through blogging withdrawal for a few days. I have some things to do that are going to keep me distracted. Not sure for how long but I should have a landscape update Tuesday in the evening.

Stay cool!


  1. See you Tuesday evening or when you come back from withdrawal. There should be lots to see!!

  2. ~~~wow. very impressed in yer "little project". great page too.
    ...yer pal, sandy