Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 7...8...9...

Monday-We had a bit of a miscommunication. At the end of the day we had the walls with a final coat of stucco. All I could think of was "Dalmatian." I was set to stick a tail on one end of a wall and a head with big, spotted ears on the other. It was funny but in the end, there was no way I could see myself living with this texture.

Ray, the Designer Man, and I, had a pow wow. We had some ideas for solutions. Relief!
Tuesday morning-I woke up to the sounds of a thousand rats gnawing outside my window. No, it was the crew working on scraping off the spotted dog texture. They were going to put another coat of stucco to make it smooth again but I actually like the bit of roughness. My gut was telling me, "this is good." This is it.Time to get started on stuccoing the wall off the carport. My blue paint samples are no longer.
¡Que suave!In the meantime, the rest of the crew continued working on the back yard. The olive tree is but a mere image in some photos taken way back when. Thank g-d for the feather bush tree but the shade is really provided by a tree in a neighbors yard.Friea, the Explorer...She's curious and checking out every corner. Yet she always ends up poking around the feather bush tree. It seems to be a great source of goodies to chase. Lizards, birds-I sure hope they're faster than she is. While Freia is enjoying the changes, Carmen seems a little confused. Poor girl. I'm trying to teach an old dog new tricks. She's hanging in there.With so much attention currently on the backyard, these two clowns found their way in the front yard. Hey, they're not in the designer's plans! Yes, but don't they look good with the pink house paint? We have some fun and crazy ideas for art in our new garden. Not too many more flamingoes are planned but the long car ride to California had the brain hamsters spinning their wheels. Today/Day 1042-it only feels that way! The pleasurable sound of jackhammers right outside of my bedroom windows. Huh? I have concrete there? Nope, I have irrigation lines there now.I was wandering around, checking out today's progress. I came across some rusted debris. Ooh la la! Free rusted junk-found treasure! Not sure what it was but when I looked from another direction, I noticed more and pulled that out too. Still couldn't tell what it was after running some water over it, but it seems to have run parallel to the old irrigation lines. I pulled out as much as I could-it crumbled easily. These precious chunks are destined for a spot in new collages.Another head scratcher. Other than burying a cute, green-eyed, mouthy ten year old, what's this big pit for? Then the excitement hit, (no I wasn't about to chase the Chicklet, she wasn't home yet). This is the future home of my Museum Palo Verde. The word is, (some of), the plants are coming in tomorrow! Yea, color! All this brown and even Freia is looking blah and boring.Oh look! A new pen for the dogs! Believe me, if I didn't have to take it all out, I had thought about filling this up with water and having Friea go for a swim. This is really our new vegetable planter. We had fresh, homegrown tomatoes a few weeks ago. The Chicklet is not a tomato fan but she ate those. Boy, they were delicious. Tomatoes are on my "must plant" list.

There are some big things happening tomorrow and I don't get to see any of it in progress. It's back to the reality of teaching with a Staff retreat over the next few days. It's always great to spend time with my colleagues, my second family. The reality that Summer break is soon over looms. It's time to set the alarm for the morning.
God natt!


  1. Looks like everything is coming together nicely. We have been up very early this morning as we have a crew fixing the bricks Chandler and his cousin destroyed jumping off the top of the brick wall hiding the pool equipment.
    Keep those pictures coming!

  2. I've been reading all about the big yard remodel---I am anxious to hear how this very large project came about. Have you been planning this for a long time or was it an impulsive decision?? Can't wait to see it in person!
    -hugs, shari :)