Monday, June 1, 2009

Lost Treasures

It's finished! Been finished for awhile but then it was lost amongst the piles. It turned up during some cleaning last week. It's sooooooo pretty and PINK. It truly belongs in the Chicklet's "Pink Palace."I'm going through my bookshelves at home and at school. These have been on the shelves and they need to see the light of day and scissors and glue. I'm drawn to color and pattern but I love eyes and hands. The top two are magazines and the bottom is a Phaidon catalogue. Collage candy...couldn't be anything else.My books are categorized by subject. These were in different places. They're coming home and I'm looking forward to practicing some of the "Pure Stencilry" techniques from the online class.

Only this week left of teaching and there's so much we want to do. Then we feel the heat and the motivation goes out the window. The last Summers have been like that and I want to break that tradition now.

Two posts in one night. That's part of catching up from the last few weeks.
Good night,

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  1. Just enjoyed catching up! Look forward to seeing your stenciling. I still need to go online and look at projects! I know you will enjoy your summer time of fun!