Monday, May 11, 2009

The littlest things...

can tickle me pink and last week these did the trick. I ordered these rubbing plates for the art room but of course I have to give them a test drive, right?
Last summer we used some of these plates to print paint on tissue paper during a Traci Bautista workshop. I pulled out some muslin and crayons and made a small sampler.There are six different sets of six plates each. The catalogue offered a good deal for all six sets. We have them all. Oh, what a piggy! Oh what fun! I think my 4th graders will get to try them out first.First I had these remnants of the cardboard I stenciled and spray painted on.Then we bought some boxes of this fruit drink for an event. I liked the bright colors and the water sports. What to do? What to do?
Here's more. I love the graphics, and hate to throw anything out even if it all goes into the recycling bin anyway.Hmmmmm...I was thinking much more complicated methods of binding and then I remembered I had what I needed all along.Ta da! Here's what I finally came up with. It's not done and I don't care for the black colored coil with these yummy, fruity colors but I wanted to put it together to work out all the kinks.
Mmmmm, I haven't shown it to the Chicklet yet 'cuz I know her first question will be, "can I have it." I'm gathering papers here and ther for the other books. I used scrapbook papers for the juice book. The cola and the spray painted covers will get a variety of art papers, pages from books, some colored envelopes, etc.

Ideas are swimming in my head.


  1. Very fun!! Smart chicklet -lol!

  2. The rubber plates look like fun. Have you tried laying them onto a wax surface? Very fun notebook with the juice box cover

  3. The closest I've gotten to wax was with the crayons. I don't keep any wax materials at home but have been meaning to use some in my classroom after school when I can spread out. Then the time comes and i want to get outta here.

    I was going to paint on the muslin but have been working on the books. there's ale=ways something to do!

  4. These books are absolutely too cool!