Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gotta Paint!

The school server doesn't seem to let me upload photos to the blog. #!x%***#!!!!! OK, got ONE!

I'm still working on my visual journal and Kelly Kilmer's A Prompt a Day online class. I finished January and was going to take Feb. off and start up again in March. There's still some January pages I haven't shared. I think....

I journaled something about my bedroom, or the furniture in my bedroom. The dresser is my focal point. I found my it at a thrift store when I first came to Arizona. It was a hideous, dark olive green with brown hardware. Typical 70' yuck. Once it was sanded, varnished and the hardware was given a coat of black, it became a real gem. More of a Danish modern.

As for the lamps....I must have a thing about light. My bedroom is two small rooms made into one big rectangle. I have two bedside lamps plus two more and it's not always enough. I've switched to energy efficient light bulbs but a 100 watt "green" bulb doesn't emit the same light as as an old bulb so I turn on more lights. How energy efficient is that?????

Turns out I had more "distractions" than I anticipated in March and a lack of motivation that has stunk. It sure doesn't feel good. I'm finally getting some "butt time" in the studio this week. Relief! I'm going to bed with a sense of accomplishment.

All of Arizona is taking standardized tests this week. My regular schedule has been modified so all my regular lessons are on hold for the week and am letting the students do some free art activities to let their "left brains" take a rest and give them some "right brain" time.

I'm getting some painting done on my March prompts. Thirteen done since yesterday!
Whoo hoo!

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  1. Happy Blogging Anniversary!
    Thanks for sharing all your talent! Your words, your wisdom, your artwork. Your passion!
    Talk soon!