Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm the "Emotional One"

Or so my sister says.....

This week ends the quarter and my 5th graders are moving on to music next quarter. That means they're mine no more. I feel like there's so much more I want to teach them. Some of them have been with me since 1st grade so I'm having a hard time letting them go....

If that's what being the "Emotional One" is all about, then that's OK. I hope that my kids get something positive out of being in my class for all these years. I know I do. Thirteen years and counting. There's still so many things to try!

I realized yesterday that it's been awhile since I blogged. There's been the usual work and mom stuff keeping me busy. I'm a little distracted with a relationship that's getting off the ground. Spring Break is next week and a good part of it is going to be spent at doctor's appointments.

My yearly exam was 2 weeks ago. All my tests have been A-OK. Unfortunately, my GP wanted me to see some specialists because she found a thing or two. Wow, scheduling appointments has been tricky and it's when I'm off work.

The whole thing is scary when I think about it. So I'm trying really hard not to think about it. I can't let my mind go there or I start to freak out.
We had a little unplanned adventure last Sunday-those are the best kind! A friend told us that a local wildlife rescue organization had some animals at the North Mountain Preserve so a bunch of us made our way over there to see.Wow! We were pretty up close and personal with an owl, falcon and golden eagle! Cool huh? A lady with a very small dog walked past the eagle a few times. It was really interesting to see the eagle's eyes get big and focus as it's gaze followed the pooch. Lunch, perhaps??? Not to worry. All animals were leashed and tethered.
Earlier at Sunday school, the kids prepared for Purim. They had a hamentaschen factory going full steam. Yum! They made enough pastries for our congregation and them some. The Chicklet and I enjoyed the last of ours last night. Mmmmmmmmmm...This is my favorite time of year. Color is everywhere as leaves are starting to sprout and flowers are blooming.Marissa


  1. Marissa, thinking good thoughts and keeping hope that you are well...

    very cute pictures of you and the chicklet having fun...

    you've taught your little munchkins well and i'm sure they'll remember you and what you taught them!!!

    keep us informed of what's going on...


  2. Thanks Kelly. I'm looking forward to getting the appointments and doctor visits over with although I'm not looking forward to the prep on the day before my colonoscopy!

    Finally get to spend some quality time with "Aqua Man" and I'll be on an all liquid diet. cruel!