Monday, December 8, 2008

Yummy Art

It turned out to be a busy weekend. The Chicklet and I made our way out to Scottsdale to deliver my pages for the Get your Funk On found Object Chunky Pages Swap. Each participant chose a different page size with the end result of each of us having a very quirky book.
My final page was 3.5" x 7" but I worked on them as a 7" x 7" page that I folded in half. The background was created by taking my stash of paper towels that I've accumulated over time in the classroom. Anything that's been used to blot paint or clean up and had color on it was in that pile. I separated the towels into warm and cool colors, tore them into smaller pieces and glued them onto tagboard.
I was a lot happier with the cool colored sheet due to the fact that I didn't have enough warm colors so I threw in more purple on the warm colored sheet than I'd anticipated. Then I gathered some of my favorite found objects for stamping and stamped acrylic paint randomly over each page. Next stop was some meandering zig zag stitching on each page.My goal was to use a lot of stuff I have laying around. The rectangular objects are the discarded watercolor refills from my classroom. I've been trying saving them for years wanting to do something fun with them. The light bulb flipped on for this project. After making some unsuccessful attempts to make holes in the refills, I glued them down.
I love word play and had to use old keys to create the word "Fun-Key" on the back. Lastly, each page was labeled, stitched together and they were ready for delivery.

With the week we had, I decided to head out to Mesa and have an unexpected treat for dinner. The Chicklet and I headed out to Mangos in Mesa. I decided to stray from my usual and had tacos instead. They were the best tacos I've had in ages! We took our churro home with us and had hot chocolate and churro for dessert. It hit the spot...

While the Chicklet headed out to her adventures with her dad Sat. morning, I made my way to Frenzy Stamper for the binding party for our funky chunky pages. It was a good size group. I wasn't focused on accomplishing much other than to get ideas by seeing how everyone else was binding theirs.It's another bulky book. I liked some of the ribbon bindings I'd seen but found that I didn't have any on hand today. I pulled out some fabric swatches and ripped two long strips to use. I'm not 100% sure about the result but I do like the the torn cloth. I'll look for another color at home.
Once again, I ended up with some fabulous art pieces from a variety of artists. Major eye candy and tons of ideas. I'll share some close-ups throughout the week.


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