Sunday, November 23, 2008

Count Down to the Turkey

I'm somewhat thrown off. The temperatures continue into the mid 80's this week. I can be out in the evenings without a jacket. Thanksgiving is this week?????

Looks like we're heading to California for Thanksgiving. Let's see how long I last. Luckily, it's only a few hours of driving to do-Carmen and Friea would love to have mom back home.... Instead I'm looking into some places to escape to in case the two tweens bickering gets to me or The Sibling is in a dark mood.

What is it about weekends? Fridays I'm ready for bed waaaaaaaay before the Chicklet. Saturdays when she's away I end up going to bed earlier than I do during the week. It's Sunday night and I'm all pepped up. It's like this most weekends.
Yesterday was a run around day so that I'd have no need to go out today and have an excuse to not clean up the backyard. Today was part one with sweeping, raking, making piles and hosing down the dust and dog hair filled back porch. Tomorrow is part two with the Chicklet. She'll get bag holding duty while I man the shovel. Fuuuuuunnnnn....


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