Monday, September 15, 2008


Boobs today, teeth tomorrow........
As you can see there's fun to be had with some of the features on the Mac Book... All G-rated!

Today the Mobile On-Site Mammogram, (MOM), truck was on campus. All 16 appointments at our site were booked. Mine was at 4:45 so although my cold was bugging me, I had to stick around for my appointment. I haven't had my girls pinched for quite some time. It was for a good cause. If you haven't gotten your yearly mammogram, ladies, go out and get it done!

Tomorrow I go see the dentist. The pearly whites must be maintained!

Sweet dreams!



  1. Always, always, always get the mammogram!! I cannot stress this enough! It saved my life! The mammogram was the only way to detect the DCIS type of cancer I had -- no lumps, no discomfort. Just the discovery on the mammogram -- long before it could have gotten out of hand. Eight years later and I still have clear mammograms. I cannot stress it enough. GOOD FOR YOU!! Now, be sure to get them more regularly.

    Sorry! This is the one thing I cannot stress enough to all women.

  2. you said BOOBS!! and Iwasn't even in the room!! Har-ar=har!!