Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life Sign

I wasn't trying to but I seemed to have disappeared from Blog World for a couple of weeks. The Chicklet had a cold, then I had a cold. She was on the mend, I've been on the mend and then the Chicklet got a really, really bad cough. The kind that woke us up several times a night. Poor kid.

A visit to the doctor and some strong meds and we hope to see improvement soon. This is the child that never has to go to the doctor... We hope to go back to feeling normal soon.

She's off until tomorrow afternoon and then I have to pry the rest of a book report out of her. In the meantime I'm heading out to Mesa to take a class with Mike at Mystic Paper.

Not sure what my plans for the evening are. With the weather being so perfect in the late afternoon, today may be a good day to take a walk at the botanical garden.

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