Friday, August 8, 2008

Cross-eyed with fatigue...

but I'm still a happy camper. I wasn't sure what was going to happen tomorrow, getting a sitter came down to crunch time. I could have gotten bent out of shape about it but chose to let things work themselves out while I enjoyed the second day of Hidden Layers with Traci Bautista.

Oh, what a day! I have three pieces almost completed and a stack of beautiful, original, colorful papers to use in future projects. There's pictures to share tomorrow.

Just as we were packing up my child care issues were resolved. Whoo hoo! I get to take my class tomorrow!
With that issue resolved, I was off to pick up the Chicklet. Our plan for the evening? Find the rest of the items on her school supply list and then head out to Mesa.
I'm usually fried on Fridays but actually had the energy to make the drive and hang out. We popped into Mystic Paper-we almost didn't go get dinner because the Chicklet made a beeline to find Tucker.
I finally got her away for a bit and we walked over to Mangos for dinner. The outside tables were packed! The inside was a ghost town. Turns out it was the "Dog Days of Summer" in Downtown Mesa and the dogs took their owners for a walk. Did I take any pictures? No, but Jennifer got some and is going to post them here. Some of the dogs were better dressed than the people!
I figured I'd blog a bit while I did a load of laundry. I'm out of black pants-oh the horror!

All the above pics are from last weekend at the Wild Horse Pass Resort from my weekend with the gal pals. I took a walk outside the conference room and wandered the grounds for about 40 minutes. The sun was very strong but the shadows were great.

Time to toss clothes in the dryer.

God natt


  1. Marissa, was so good to see you at Mystic last night. It was obvious the chicklet and Tucker were enthralled on the computer.
    Enjoyed just veiwing your class work on your earlier post. Where do you get all your energy!!!!

  2. Love these photos with the stong lights and shadows! Excellent!!

    Good to see you yesterday, however briefly!!