Saturday, June 7, 2008

School's Out

The school year is over. Yea! It hasn't sunk in yet. It'll hit me on Monday when there's no need to wake up to the alarm.

The mornings have been rough this week. The Chicklet has been super cranky. She's complained of a sore throat on and off since last weekend but hasn't had a fever and her appetite has been normal. Today camp called and she had to get picked up early. Yet she really wanted to join her friends in the swimming pool. We went to see the doctor instead. She's got strep. Yuck! Poor kid. She's forgiven for all the talking back and attitude from this week. Unless she got me sick too, lol.
Break is going to start off creatively. I'm taking a collage class with Sylvia Luna at
Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale tomorrow. It'll only be my second class with Sylvia. She's a riot and a great instructor. It's sure to be a blast of a class. Can't wait to check out Debbie's latest goodies and take a walk and check out some of my favorite Scottsdale galleries.
Thought I'd share some pics from my library. Fell in love with this coke vending machine at the Desert Sky Mall. The mexican, clay suns hang outside my front door. The white chair/black wall are just outside a favorite shopping spot, frances, in Central Phoenix.

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