Friday, May 30, 2008

Metal Tape?

Got a question about the metal tape from my last post. Here it is:
Aluminum Plumber's tape. My understanding is that it's used for plumbing and duct repair. I buy mine in the plumbing section at Home Depot but have found it in smaller quantities in the hardware section at Big Lots and 99¢ Only stores too.
This is the compostion book we made in Josie's class. It was the first time I'd used metal tape. I used the technique right away but used Staz-On Saddle Brown for this Arizona themed book. the results were mixed. If you apply a second coat of ink, it picks up the first. It came out lighter than I intended.

This particular book traveled for close to a year for a Round Robin. I liked the book so much and hated to see it go that I went ahead and made a similar, second, improved version. I've placed a lot of my own photos from our excursions around and about Arizona in that one.
We used metal stamping tools for the lettering on both books. My AZ book had the 5 'C's" important to our state. Copper, Citrus, Cotton, Climate and Cattle. I drilled into a laminate chip-courtesy of Home Depot- for a background. A copper tag and aged, copper letter brads finish off the title plate.
Here's another experiment with the tape. This time I ran it thru an die cut/embossing machine using a Cuttlebug brand embossing plate. The tape is adhered to a pocket calendar here. This time I used alcohol inks to stain the metal. It's much more fluid and it was much easier to get into all the nooks and crannies. The drawbacks with using this technique with larger areas are:
1. the embossing plates are only about 4 x 6 inches
2. The designs used are limited unless you don't mind that the design doesn't line up.
To the left is the unsanded, embossed tape. To the right are two side by side pieces of embossed tape colored with Vibrant Violet Staz-On.

After taking Mike's class, I have a 3rd option for adding color-water proof India Ink. I bought a few colors last weekend but haven't had the chance to use them yet. They're on the agenda for this weekend now that grades are done. I was much more organized and it was a lot less painful this time around even though I had the double amount of grades per child. 27 classes done with. I'll have 29 next year!


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