Monday, April 7, 2008

Trash Art Day

Last Thursday was "Trash Art" Day. Sometimes I find those little tidbits of paper that I can't bear to part with. Considering the piles I have scattered around at home and in my art room, I feel connected to A LOT of tidbits. Thursday's challenge was to actually do something with them.

I started by taking the newspaper laid out on the counters when I painted the business card paper which was used as a background for this collage. Then I gathered up a collection of goodies and started to glue them down. Somewhere on the collage you'll find packing tapes pulled off a box, copy machine paper packaging, candy wrappers, punch paper circles and some fabric cut from a students' pants I was asked to hem.

Since the sewing machine was already out I started to stitch randomly. Once I was satisfied with the end result the next question was, "now what?" I pulled out a half used student composition book and covered it with the collage. It's a tad busy but quite lively.
Ta da! Art from trash. My favorite kind. Wonder what I'll do this week.


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