Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Art full Weekend Part 2

Second post of the evening but I wanted to share the pics from Leighanna Lights' workshops at Frenzy Stamper. Above are my book/pages from the Passion Book workshop. You name it, we did it. Painting, paper napkin backgrounds, stenciling, printing with corrugated cardboard, venetian plaster, gesso transfers... Huh? Yes, gesso transfers. We were all skeptical about yet, another transfer method and then we tried it and we were hooked. I demo-ed it to another art teacher yesterday and to my second graders today.

Gesso transfers are exactly like gel transfers. Use gesso instead of clear gel. Brush the gesso on the image, making sure not to get any on the back of the paper. Adhere face down on the desired surface, burnish. Give it enough time to dry then moisten the paper surface and rub off the pulp. The image is left on a white background that takes paint washes beautifully.

I fell in love with these: Leighanna's stash of Grandma's plastic doilies
If you find some of these, find me, call me, buy them for me! I used these plastic doilies to make this:
Next class was the Vintage Metal Deck-these are one side of my cardsThe other side of the same cards. Each card is metal. The small ones are altered laminate chips. Please don't report me to Home Depot! I was playing with the cards. Now I'm trying to figure out how the altered chips are going to work with the deck. Here's what Leighanna's deck looks like:
Before everyone went about their way, I managed to get some pictures of other decks made in the class. Here's Barbara's deck:
Jane's deck with a Halloween theme:

Can't wait to finish mine but had to pick up some gel medium today to add on the finishes of my deck and I'm working on the cover of my Passion Book.



  1. wow! plastic dollies - who'da thunk it? I love your pages!
    donna k

  2. love your photo's.. glad you had fun..i finished my wood book but still working on my deck..have fun and thanks for sharing..